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As the glowing rays of the light warmed my body, I fainted.

Now that I look back at what happened, I think I've fainted way too much. Originally, my body was not this weak...

I naturally, as if I had just awoken from a season long hibernation.

My surroundings were still filled with light. However, Graydron's body was nowhere to be seen.

“Is this Dragon Magic? He did not only gave me his memories, but he also gave me his power, which may be the reason for his body's absence. This… This is his… What am I supposed to do with his heart! It's apparently the nexus of his mana... What the hell do you want me to do!”

Huh, is this reality? I now possessed the heart of a dragon. If I use the magic stored inside wrongfully, I could destroy an entire country. Anyways, I heard the sword say something, and I spoke back. I probably looked as if I was insane, but there is no one here, right?

“You were the one who spoke to me earlier, right?”

I heard that same voice in my head once again.

[That is correct, Master.]

“Um.. you are called Lamia, right?”

[Yes, that is correct, Master.]

“Master? You don't have to call me that, I go by Chunhwa.”

[......Yes, Chun Hwa-Nim.] (TL Note: Further proves my point from the chapter before.)

Ha~ this isn't going to work, isn't it?


Well, I guess I should leave this place.

"Lamia, do you know how to get out of here?"

[There is no way. There isn't a place to communicate with the outside world either. However, you can teleport out of here.]

Teleport? But...

“That is not possible. I cannot fully understand Graydron's memories yet. He said it'll take some time to completely understand them. Can't you figure something out?”

[I understand. So then, where would you like to go?]

“What's nearby?”

[Chunhwa-Nim, I shall unfold a bird's eye view of the area in front of you. Image Trap] (TL Note: I think I should start italicizing skills and spells to make it easier for you guys.)

Shortly after, a scene materialized before me. It resembled the actual area rather than a still-picture as I examined it further. It was almost like a downgraded version of reality.

“Well, this red dot is us....”

I gestured to the center of the mountain at the center of the image. Then, I pointed at the forest in front of the mountain.

“Well, let's go there. It's a short walk to a village of some sort. Yeah, sounds good...”

[I understand. I shall now teleport us to the place you have pointed.]

Suddenly, someone materialized in the middle of the big forest surrounding the large mountain. The person looks as if they were seventeen to eighteen years old, judging from their body and face. Also, the ma- ..... no, he was more a boy than a man. The boy's waist was hoisting a slightly longer sword than an average Bastard Sword, wrapped in a red scabbard. The handle itself was white, but the blade was hidden because it was covered by the scabbard. And the clothes of the boy were never before seen on the lands of Arushan.

“Wow~ the trees here are much bigger than those at Joongwon. Joongwon’s trees were pretty packed together...”

The boy was Chunhwa. He was able to get here by using his sword, Lamia. (TL Note: Chun Hwa is a guy, not a girl.)

He looked around the forest for a while. This was because in Joongwon, there were large mountains; however, he had never seen such a huge forest.

'Phew~ Why is it up to me to find the various Gods whom I’m not familiar with in a land I can’t recognize.... The village is over there, right?'

“First of all, I have to confirm my general destination before I can explore around... I also have to find these Gods.... Hell, I don't know what to do. Where would a God reside...?”

“Um... I guess we should visit a temple first. If I were to find a God, a temple is probably where I would find one...”

So I decided to walk ten meters away from the road I was on when a huge explosion occured, followed by a strange sound.



“Look Irlan, do you now understand what will happen if you get too close to the detonation?”

I heard the voice of a middle-aged man followed by the voice of a younger man.

“Then, what can I do about my long casting time. I also have to run a lot to get some distance between us and I can't do that. Besides, it's not like anybody got hurt.”

This time a woman 's voice chastised him.

"But you still have to be careful, this time was too close."

These voices were getting closer to me. And when it sounded like those voice were a few feet away from me, a group of five was walking out of a clearing. Four people were coming out at the same time, with a girl following closely behind. 'But her ears were long... is she not a human?'

I began to consult the memories of Graydon... In short, the answer was that she was an elf; however, this particular elf was a High Elf. A rare type of elf... (Author's Note: The main protagonist is not a computer, and it was not my intention to have the elf, Irlina to appear here, however things just went this way.) ^^ ;;) (TL Note: What a guy.)

From the group, the middle-aged man with a cane and a boy in leather armor who seemed to be in his teens were arguing back and forth between each other. There was also a girl who looked to be around the same age as the boy as well as an unusually small man. He seemed to be a Dwarf. He was the one speaking with the loudest voice.

The first person who spotted Chunhwa was the elf. However, she did not say anything. Was it because she was a High Elf? Eventually, the girl laid her eyes on Chunhwa and informed the rest.

"Well ... I did not know there was anyone here, were you surprised by the explosion?" The young boy wearing leather armor with a longsword holstered on his belt approached Chunhwa first. Chunhwa looked at him once more before replying."

“No, I'm fine.”

"I'm glad to hear that, I am Grey, and this is my friend Hael, and the dwarf is Irlan's friend, Reindelf. She(elf) followed us here from the forest because of the monsters. What’s your name? Also, may I ask you where you are from? I have never seen such apparel like yours before...”

Grey told Chunhwa answers to questions he didn't even ask. And like he said, the clothes that Chun Hwa was currently wearing were the clothes he wore in Joongwon. They were also the beautiful clothes that Joo Yakbing made and naturally induced some curiosity from others. It seemed to be made from a very soft material that seemed to be dancing in the wind.

'But, after hearing their names, I can't possibly give them my real name, Chunhwa. I’d be standing out even more for having such a strange name. They probably won’t be able to pronounce it correctly either.”

"Oh, my name is Id ...  I fortunately happened to chance upon these clothes fluttering in the wind, as my original clothes were torn; I was merely saved by these clothes." (TL Note: Id is pronounced Ead, like Mead without the M…)

Id was simply a name that Chunhwa made up off the top of his head. It was borrowed from Graydron's name.

"By the way, is it dangerous to travel in this forest alone."

The dwarf, Reindelf, threw a whistle up into to the sky. It seemed as if Reindelf was feeling an odd sensation about their new visitor, who was donning such an abnormal attire.




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