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“I don’t think we could do that. I mean, aren’t you at a disadvantage? We have a wizard on our side…”

 Did he try to scare them away by just mentioning magic? Absurd...

"We understand that. However, do not worry about us. We have our own plan."

Subsequently, the man holding the long sword was handed a staff with a small orb attached by one of his lackeys. Irlan was the first to notice and explained what it was.

“That staff…. can disable spells from being cast…..”
“I see you know what it is. Luckily, I was able to understand its abilities once I got my hands on it.”

As Id was listening to the bandit’s explanation, rage started to fill him slowly.

‘His voice… I’m getting tired of his tone… I just want to….’

However, it was only Id who thought this way. No one really knew about Id’s full list of abilities (Even you, the readers do not understand his full potential ^^) The party thought differently. Irlan quietly whispered to the rest.

“Everyone, be careful! It is true; the staff can disable spells casts. However, it is not constant and it lasts for around 20 minutes. Although, even in that short of time, they could easily overpower us….”

Irlina, who was listening to Irlan spoke.

“Yes, it can dispel spells. However, it cannot dispel spirits. Also, the staff could only dispel spells that are of magic level 6 or under. I do not know who created it. However, the person who did was obviously a very skilled person.”

“Wait Irlina, you can sense such things? That’s amazing, but I do not know any level 7 spells. Do you know any, Irlina?”

"Yes, I have a few spells available... but the use and application of my mana is still unstable... I think summoning a spirit would be a better idea.”
Seeing this group of people contemplating on what to do, Id stepped forward with a simple plan.

“Hey guys, I think we could maybe break the guy’s staff.”
Irlan shook his head towards Id as he began to explain.

“Id, your suggestion is nearly impossible to accomplish. First, you would need to close some distance between you and the staff, which is guarded by a plethora of bandits. How can one move fast enough to get through all those people? Even if you could get close enough to the staff, it has a Protection spell that casted onto it, which is extremely difficult to break. Thus, making your idea very close to being impossible."

However, these were issues that an average person would face. To Id, there wasn’t a problem at all.

‘Hm… really? It doesn’t seem that impossible…. it isn’t difficult to cover some distance fairly quickly, and I also have this masterpiece of a sword with me. So, should I just go?"

"Well, wait a minute. If I could use my magic, we have nothing to worry about but ..."

"Id, but that's impossible ...."

Grey muttered with his head down.
“Don’t worry… Now~ watch carefully…”

Just after saying that, originate stepped out of the group circle and instantly vanished.

Without warning, he reappeared in front of the leader bandit holding the staff. Id swung Lamia and cut through the staff as it were paper. Once more, he disappeared and reappears in front of his party. Lamia was hanging on his waist as if nothing had happened. No one saw could see the movements of Id except the Elf. 

And even Irlina couldn't see the movements of Id clearly.
Id returned to his original place, but nobody said anything. Soon, the group turned their heads over to the leader bandit with the staff as he fell to his knees. The rest of the bandits had finally processed what just happened, and began to flee in all directions. Id’s movements, which was invisible to the eye, had scared them away in terror.

They weren't dumb bandits. Other motley gangs would try to fight until the last man standing, which was almost like a death wish.
And as soon as all the bandits disappeared from view, Id’s party began to bombard him with questions.
“Id… How did you.....”
“Just then… how were you able to move like that…?”
Of course, the first people to ask were Grey, who used a sword. Followed by Irlan, a wizard. 

However, Id was not able to answer these questions right away, as he didn’t know how to explain what he just did either.
‘How shall I explain this…. Ah~.. Damn it….’
Id took a moment to rapidly think of a way to explain. (TL Note: He was in a deep train of thought.)

“So what I did was…. I used a unique combination of pacemaking and mana (Ki)."

However, his answer was not very helpful to those with questions.

The curious, yet confused Irlan immediately asked for clarification.
“Id… I have never heard of what you’ve just said until now. I’ve accumulated a lot of magic knowledge during the past, but what you have explained just now, sounds impossible. Also, it didn’t even look like you were using magic with such movements….”

‘Haa~ he doesn’t believe me. Well…. It’s fine..’ (TL Note: “Welp” is more fitting instead of “well”, however it isn’t exactly a word :\)

[Shaped to be oblivious and unscrupulous. Humans…..]

"Irlan... My movement is systematic and possible, and if you are still in doubt, I can teach you a little so you may understand better.”
The first thing I'd said was that one must learn to move quickly to have a better chance at survival in a battle. Thus he was willing to teach Irlan the begininng stages of the Fast Movement technique. They were interrupted by Grey.
“Id, then could you also teach me?... Yes?... Would that be alright?”
Of course, Id agreed to teach Grey as well. In the end, Id agreed to teach several others in the party his movement technique.

‘Ah, this mouth of mine… Why would it agree to teach them all?... It’ll be so difficult to teach this many people……’

Well, I guess it’s too late to regret now……
At lunchtime, the party sat in a shaded area near a flowing river. While they were enjoying their meal, they were listening into Id’s explaination.
There were two people amongst the group who were listening intently.
They were Grey, the swordsman, and the Dwarf, Reindelf. Learning the fast movement technique would help Grey enhance his swordsmanship and Reindelf, because he was quite dissatisfied that he couldn’t run with his short and stubby legs.

“Well, first I shall teach you the beginning steps once we have some time to spare. Ah… I don’t know how long this process will take as it really depends on the individual. The first thing you need to learn is the movement of your feet, or footwork. Also, you need to be familiar with utilizing ki, though it is similar to mana, there are some differences. Now, since Irlan knows a lot more about mana, please explain to everyone just how mana works.”
“Alright. Mana is an evenly spreading type of energy permeating through every matter. It is a necessary resource for all living things to survive. However, the precise definition of mana cannot be stated. We wizards can manipulate mana to utilize magic, further using that magic to cast spells....”

‘Um… so that’s everything the people of this world know about mana? It would’ve been a disaster if I were to explain it with the knowledge of Graydon….’
Graydon's knowledge was vast and held no limits. As Id was listening to Irlan’s explanation, he referenced the memories of Graydon, which told a far more accurate answer. Then again, the dragon had lived for an incredibly long time to accumulate this knowledge….
After Irlan was done with his explanation, Id continued.
“You guys understood that? Mana is a widespread energy that stems from nature itself. Ki, however, does not draw upon the outside world, but from your body. Being able to manipuate Ki will also enable you to use the Sword Ki. You've heard of Sword Ki before, right? 
“Yes, of course I know what it is. My dream is to one day become a swordmaster…. But do you know how hard that is? There are only three known swordmasters here in Illinas. Even surrounding kingdoms do not have many swordmasters…. But why does it matter?”

As Grey wanted to become a swordmaster, he seems to understand Sword Ki very well.
“So Sword Ki is produced by fusing the Concept of the Sword and Ki together. However, what if you wanted to use Sword Ki while it is still in your body?”

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