Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 41

“Then, what did you came out for?”

His eyes were observing this self-proclaimed Zhen Qingchun spirit body. Disappointment flickered across Du Shaofu’s eyes; this transparent floating thing claims to have an extraordinary background and a strong expert at that but he can’t even take out something good. This type of person definitely is a swindler.

“Because you’re in luck.”

Zhen Qingchun looked at Du Shaofu with a friendly smile. However, his smile was wretched as always: “I can tell that you only have second or maybe third grade martial pulse, right? This grade of martial pulse in later cultivation, tsk tsk…...’

Halfway, Zhen Qingchun intentionally paused, revealing a regretful face before continuing: “But you don’t have to worry or feel inferior. I’ll be your redeemer; under my guidance, even with a second grade martial pulse you can still be strong, and let your cultivation soar. With my help, you’ll definitely be famous…”

“What do I have to do for you in exchange?”

Once again Du Shaofu interrupted Zhen Qingchun’s words knowing that there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. No stranger would be willing to assist you for free, no matter how beautiful the words were. To fawn on another without purpose is not the way of the corrupt. He Thought of this sentence and looked at Zhen Qingchun, Du Shaofu inched towards a certain spot.

Swindler. This wretched looking guy is definitely a swindler; Du Shaofu thought to himself. As for his martial pulse grade, he was not worried at all for he’s practicing the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law.

“That’s easy, easy.”

Zhen Qingchun smiled exuberantly, that wretched face looked like a chrysanthemum in full bloom, and  said, “Due to a mishap in my practice, my spirit body needs to recuperate, that’s why I need some of your xuanqi and ….”

“You want my xuanqi?”

Du Shaofu went blank, then stared grimly at Zhen Qingchun. The bright eyes under his thick brows became complicated.

“Yes, your xuanqi and …”


Zhen Qingchun has yet to finish his words when a fist zoomed right at his transparent body, scattering the translucent body.

“Kid, what are you doing?”

The surreal transparent body shattered, it turned into a puff of smoke and entered the little tower, a voice rang out from it: “Kid, you dare to attack me; you have brought a calamity upon yourself.”

“Really a swindler, dares to tempt me!”

Du Shaofu grabbed the floating little tower and smashed it to the ground while cursing at it: “Dare to infringe my xuanqi! This young master survived a catastrophe and through hard work only managed to cultivate xuanqi. Yet you dared to come and swindle my xuanqi!"

As someone has who used to have broken veins, xuanqi is something he had labored for. Xuanqi was like his lifeline and yet the moment this Zhen Qingchun opens his mouth he wants his xuanqi touching Du Shaofu’s bottom line.

When he abruptly attacked, there was some caution inside Du Shaofu’s heart but seeing how vulnerable and cowardice Zhen Qingchun is, cowering within the little tower. The moment Zhen Qingchun wanted his xuanqi, he cemented Du Shaofu’s opinion about him as an absolute swindler.

Du Shaofu vented. He picked up the little tower from the ground and smashed on the ground again: “Strong expert? Exceptional origins? I’ll smash this thing into pieces, let’s see how you’ll hide then.”

“Dared to covet my xuanqi, did you catch yourself a longevity god that you’re looking for death!”

“Actually want my xuanqi, how dare you request for it a.”

“Come out!”

Du Shaofu threw the little tower down a few times but the little tower was undamaged, extremely solid.

“Kid, you’ll definitely regret disrespecting me.’

From the little tower, Zhen Qingchun’s outraged voice transmitted out. Everything deviated from what he had imagined, and he can’t figure out why. He had been ‘sleeping’ in the little tower and waited for the right time before making an appearance

“This thing’s very vile.”

After he tried various methods to break the little tower even smashed it with a hard rock, but the little tower remained undamaged, not even a tiny scratch.

Zhen Qingchun hid inside the little tower not coming out but he heckled endlessly from inside the little tower and Du Shaofu was unable to do anything about it since he won’t come out.

“Just give up kid, this is not something common; neither fire nor water can destroy it. With your measly strength even in your next life, you won’t be able to open it.”

From within the little tower, Zhen Qingchun’s bragging voice came out, then he harshly said: “Once I’ve recovered, I will definitely not let you go.”

“You really think that I can’t do anything; if you’re not coming out, then you don’t have to come out again. Regardless of your spirit body, you’re just an evil object.”

Suddenly, Du Shaofu laughed and moments later a stream of warm liquid flowed onto the little tower.

“Shameless brat, this treasure is enough to cause many strong experts to compete and die for it. How dare you treat me this way, I will definitely not let you go.” Zhen Qingchun’s angry roar rang out, but he was scared to come out.


Dusk, sunset glowed from the west and shined atop of mountains peaks through clusters of cloud. Peaks weaved through the forest like layers of waves, endless to the horizon.

In a quiet and cold remote valley.


Within the valley, a young girl in a tangerine red dress shuttled through the valley, red blood lined the corner of her mouth and from time to time she would turn back to look solemnly.

“What a coincidence.”

A voice suddenly said, and a young man appeared with a smile on his face before the young girl.

The young girl’s body stiffened when she saw the young man in front of her. Shocked took over her pale white face as if she had seen a ghost: “You… you’re not dead?”

The former was the person who wanted to grab Du Shaofu’s Blood-Infant Ganoderma; she thought that the young man would surely die from jumping off the cliff but she was greatly astounded, the same young man is standing in front of her, alive.

“I thank my lucky star that I didn’t die that easily.”

And the latter is, of course, Du Shaofu. He hadn’t expected that he’ll meet the young girl once again, alone without the rest of the people that was on the Giant Flaming Falcon. Looking at the young girl, he said: “Because I did not die, you will have trouble.”

“You are not my opponent.”

Looking at Du Shaofu’s wicked smile, the young girl frowned unnoticeably, acting calm.

“I’m aware that you’re very powerful, but…”

The girl indeed was very strong. However, the circumstances were different now, and he didn’t believe that this girl was stronger than the Demonic Scale Tiger; with a smile, he said: “Look behind you…”

When she heard this she looked back half believing Du Shaofu’s words, suddenly her expression changed and her face went deadly pale.


The mass of the Demonic Scale Tiger jumped into her line of sight akin to a small hill, with a thunderous roar its ferociousness was on a full scale.

“You brought the Demonic Scale Tiger here!”

The young girl’s pale face looked at Du Shaofu and the Demonic Scale Tiger, from his reaction it was obvious that he was the one who brought the Demonic Scale Tiger here, and she hasn’t forgotten that she wanted to grab this young man’s high-grade elixir before.

“I’ve said if you want to grab my Blood-Infant Ganoderma, I will bring you back to be my maid.”

Du Shaofu laughed, this woman actually knew how to be scared possessing a weak side. However, not settling a grudge is no nobleman’s character.


The young girl snorted and glanced at Demonic Scale Tiger. And suddenly her slim silhouette lurched at Du Shaofu and at the same time an invisible energy gathered on her palm. Capture the king first for she’s not the Demonic Scale Tiger’s opponent thus she can only capture the boy.

Du Shaofu’s eyebrow went up when he felt the oppression from the invisible energy, instantly bright runes swirled around him and his palm shot out the Raging Storm Waves Palm to the front.

In an instant, a volatile energy appeared rushing forward colliding with the young girl’s handprint.


Both collided in midair, palm against palm. The aftershock scraped off a layer of earth as bushes and trees were cut into halves; the girl’s silhouette flew back with fresh blood trickling down her lips, she landed heavily on the ground.


Demonic Scale Tiger growled his paw as big as a boulder dropped on the young girl from above. If the paw really struck down then the slender figure will turn into a meat paste without a doubt.

“Xiao Hu[1]stop!’

Du Shaofu shouted, feeling something’s not right. This woman is stronger than him but just now she was actually at a disadvantage, evidently, she was injured.

The moment the Demon Scale Tiger heard it, his paw immediately moved away, and Du Shaofu walked up to the young girl’s side; her eyes were closed, she lost her consciousness.

Night. Inside the quiet forest, the ivory moon hung above brightly, shining down on the forest ground through the gaps of dense foliage.

“Her injury’s not light; the claws mark on her back’s probably caused by demonic beasts.”

Du Shaofu looked at the unconscious girl on the boulder. He found wounds that were from demonic beasts' attack on her. The wounds aren’t deep but quite severe.


Xiao Hu- Little Tiger


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